Iconalone is a huge library of high quality vector icons.

Lyra style

1,585 icons
  • Global stats icon, stats, statistics, report, graph, chart, globe, global, business, finance, infographic, icons, vec...
  • Woman icon, icons, vector, symbol, woman, adult, person, human, lady, mother, people
  • Heart candle icon, icons, vector, symbol, candle, heart, love, burning, valentine's day, romantic
  • Antenna person icon, icon, vector, antenna, man, person, user, people, communication, wifi, waves, radio

Line style

590 icons
  • Cyclist-2 icon, bike, bicycle, cyclist, man, person, human, hobby, health, care, sports, fitness, gym, line, outline,...
  • Mouse icon, mouse, rodent, animal, experiment, science, small, line, outline, stroke, ios, style, icons, vector, symb...
  • Molecule icon, structure, molecule, science, education, line, outline, stroke, ios, style, icons, vector, symbols
  • Atom icon, science, study, macro, atom, orbit, education, physics, line, outline, ios 7, stroke, icons, vector, symbo...


Our icons look great on dark backgrounds no matter what size you pick.

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SVG Editor

With our SVG Editor tool the possibilities become unlimited. Any icon from our library (or your own SVG) can be easily transformed in something like this:
SVG Editor Example



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Lyra style

Lyra Style

135 icons

Line style

Line Style

110 icons

Custom Icons


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Thanks IconAlone, we've used your icons in 3 of our projects (so far) and they look great!

Keep up the good work and huge Thanks!