Iconalone is a huge library of high quality vector icons.

Lyra style

1,777 icons
  • Film camera icon, industry, camera, old, camcorder, cinema, film, movie, filming, entertainment, leisure, activities,...
  • Arrow chart icon, arrow, three, chart, finance, financial, stats, graph, growth, report, icons, vector, symbol, free
  • Religious cross icon, religious, cross, shine, religion, icons, vector, symbol
  • Ship sinking icon, ship, transportation, natural, danger, accident, insurance, nautical, marine, icon, icons, vector,...

Line style

842 icons
  • Airplane icon, airport, fly, logistic, air mail, shipping, delivery, commercial, ship, transportation, signs, symbols...
  • Developer icon, developing, programmer, programming, man, person, freelancer, freelancing, laptop, working, worker, s...
  • Christ the Redeemer icon, religion, Rio de Janeiro, travel, vacation, buildings, landmarks, vectors, symbols, signs,...
  • Mountains icon, camping, outdoors, sports, vacation, travel, survive, survival, landmarks, ski, winter, cold, vectors...


Our icons look great on dark backgrounds no matter what size you pick.

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SVG Editor

With our SVG Editor tool the possibilities become unlimited. Any icon from our library (or your own SVG) can be easily transformed in something like this:
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Lyra style

Lyra Style

135 icons

Line style

Line Style

110 icons

Custom Icons


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Thanks IconAlone, we've used your icons in 3 of our projects (so far) and they look great!

Keep up the good work and huge Thanks!

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Icons'' so creative yet so clear and well done.

Bought a few and will sure come in again for my next project

keep your inspiration going :)